Is your garden built with the goal of sustainability in mind? Does it have features that are designed to preserve and protect resources and make a positive impact on the Earth?

Sustainable gardening is one of the ways we can protect our natural environment. This includes improving our soils, growing native plants, shrubs and trees to create beautiful landscapes, growing fresh fruits, berries and vegetables using organic and renewable resources that nature provides, from rain water to solar power.

If this describes your garden, enter it as this year’s Good Organic Gardening Magazine’s Greenest & Most Sustainable Garden.

The winning garden will be featured in the Spring issue of Good Organic Gardening Magazine and the winner will also receive;

  • FREE 12-month subscription to a magazine of choice: Good Organic Gardening, EatWell or WellBeing.
  • Richgro Gardening Pack (valued at $100)
  • Tumbleweed 220L Gedye Bin Kit & Organi Bin
  • BioBag Product Hamper (valued at $100)
Free mag subscription Richgro prize pack  
Tumbleweed 220L Gedye Bin kit +organi Bin    

And many more prizes to come…

Key Dates:

12 February: Entry submission starts
12 April: Entry submission closes
23 April: Judging commences
7 May: Winner announced

How to Enter:

1. Tell us in 150 words or less why your garden is sustainable and green, based on the following criteria:

• Use of recycled materials
• Use of compost
• Use of techniques that conserve water resources & energy
• Maintenance techniques (i.e. what kind of weed and pest control methods do you use?)
• Use of native and climate-appropriate plants

2. Email photos and a description (as outlined above) of your garden to by Thursday 12th April 2018 (5pm). All submitted photos will be assessed by our panel of gardening experts. 

Please see Terms & Conditions on the competition.

Photo credit: Top: Winner 2017 – “The Living Classroom” at Bingara Central School, middle: 2nd Runner-up 2017 – Nevin Sweeney, middle: 3rd Runner-up 2017 – Lynette Keir, bottom: 3rd Runner-up 2017 – John Boland