Winner :  Brett Cooper

“We are Limestone Permaculture Farm, a one acre homestead, located in the Karuah valley on the Mid-Coast, NSW showcasing practical & transitioning examples of most Permaculture Principles, Components & Functions.

Use of recycled materials:

Using permaculture principles, we strive to recycle & re-use materials for example:
– Growing tunnels, Compost bays, Trellis
– Vineyard structure (hills hoist clothes line)
– Farmgate (re-purposed 1961 caravan)

Use of compost

Our Compost is the corner stone of good soil ecology & achieved by:
– 28 day Hot Composting (3 bay Aerobic set up)
– 6 month Cold Composting (Anaerobic)
– Compost, Manure & Weed tea’s
– Worm farm

Use of techniques that conserve water resources & energy

Our analysis, design & landforming techniques used to slow, capture & store water:
– Site Sector Analysis to ascertain incoming energies such as sun, wind & water.
– Swales, terraces on contour (garden & orchard)
– Regular soil building & mulching for water & heat retention
– Rainwater tanks

Maintenance techniques

We utilise:
– Plant Guild layouts to maximise weed suppression & integrated pest control)
– Exclusion methods (netted tunnels & bags)
– Animal integration

Use of native and climate-appropriate plants
Limestone has a variety of edible native species acting as protective front line trees & nurse plants for our more tender crops.”