Date(s) - 01/05/2019 - 31/05/2019
All Day
Location Little Ducks Childcare

Here at little ducks we are driven to Focus on Embeding the very importance of sustainability and teach the children from as early as 6 weeks in our daily practices, of the importance of it and the effects of unnecessary neglect can be to our green and blue planet. We strongly believe here at Little Ducks Childcare, that it’s important to educate our next generation on how to care for a better environment.

Throughout the month of May here at Little Ducks, we will be focusing on the composting topic. Throughout this month we aim high and want to achieve to have all of the children and classes involved in the step by step process of creating composting containers for each of the rooms, saving left over scraps and then inviting the children to be using our centres compost bin as well as worm home in our garden area. The outcome from this hard work, allowing the children to see the compost filling up each day and then seeing the compost breakdown into materials to be used back into our gardens.