Date(s) - 03/05/2019 - 24/05/2019
All Day
Location Mansfield Steiner School


This week Mansfield Steiner School is celebrating International Compost Awareness Week. Students will be learning about compost making by getting their hands dirty and making it themselves with school gardener, Pat Dowling.  Pat works tirelessly to maintain and develop a plentiful garden of organic produce that students are able to harvest year round.

The garden at Mansfield Steiner School is a beautiful extended outdoor classroom dedicated to the students. Gardening is an important part of the curriculum, with the aim to educate students in understanding where their food comes from and the value of healthy and nutritious meals.

The school uses Biodynamic farming methods including worm farms and many composting systems. The flowers are pollinated by bees from the school’s own hives.  Together this means the production of high quality, nutritious fruit and vegetables for their kitchen/garden program. A series of circular garden beds are used in a rotation system. Chickens work to turn over the soil and with green manure crops planted to increase the fertility of the soil, before allowing food crops to be planted.

As a part of International Compost Awareness Week, Mansfield Steiner School is launching their organic Compost Tea fundraiser by extending an invitation for orders from the wider community and to anyone who would like to treat their garden. Perfect now that the heavens have opened to replenish our plants.

Compost Tea is like liquid gold for flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and houseplants… very simply it is a well-balanced, organic, liquid compost concentrate. You can apply it neat or dilute it 1:10. No withholding period required!

With all proceeds going towards the Mansfield Steiner School kitchen/garden program, you can pre-order 2 litres of Organic Compost Tea for $10 by emailing May 24th, delivering to your garden 20 litres of organic gold.